How to store cooked rice

Japanese Rice has an advantage over normal Jasmine Thai rice that we used to consume in Singapore, i.e., its capability to remains moist and soft for longer period of time after cooking. If you cook the Japanese rice in the morning, the rice will remains soft and moist until dinner time. This is due to one of the natural characteristic of Japanese Rice grain – high water absorbing capability.

However, if you would like to keep the cooked Japanese rice for more than a day, this is what the traditional Japanese woman do at home. Freeze the leftover cooked rice, rather than refrigerate them.

∎ How to freeze cooked rice

① Lay about one bowlful of cooked rice thin and flat on plastic wrap while it is still warm, and wrap the rice tightly. Wrapping it while they are still warm is the key here as it will keep the rice moist.

Please use mircowavable wrap

Please use mircowavable plastic wrap

Press the rice slightly using spoon

Press the rice slightly using spoon


Wrap the rice with plastic wrap

② Place in a freezer only after the rice has cooled enough. If placed in a freezer while still warm, other foodstuffs in the freezer may get affected.

Put inside a ziploc bag

∎ How to defrost frozen rice

Warm in a microwave oven without opening the plastic wrap (make sure the wrap is microwavable). Alternatively you may steam the rice without the plastic wrap in a cooking pot.

◆ The rice should be stored in a freezer only for about a month.