About Us

Momorice was founded in December 2011 by partners, Ken & Patrick, who are Japonica rice enthusiasts. The idea of starting the business came up when they experienced with Koshihikari rice produced by the Kamo Organic Rice Growers Co-op from Niigata, Japan. The two partners was so impressed by the Koshihikari rice from Niigata, Japan – its sweetness, fragrance, glossiness and the way it’s organically produced – that Ken and Patrick decided to introduce the beautiful Japanese rice to the food lovers in Singapore. That’s how an online shop, Momorice, started. The form of an online shop makes it easier for customers to order rice anytime from home and the rice is delivered at your doorstep by a courier service, which saves the hassle of carrying a bulky rice bag home. Although we are an online shop, we join public events regularly such as a Farmer’s market at Loewen Garden to meet customers and hear their voices to improve our services.

[icon type=”food” size=”1x”]  Mission: 

To bring the highest quality of rice and ingredients to gourmands in Singapore.

[icon type=”tag” size=”1x”]  Providing Quality Rice:

To experience the best of Japanese rice, you need to select a good source of rice. With no rice distributors, who usually know little about the rice, involved in between, we can communicate directly with the rice producers in Japan (Kamo Organic Rice Growers Co-op lead by Mr Kenichi Ishizuki, President of the group). We get latest information from these rice professionals about their rice cultivation method and safety issues e.g. radiation. As a result only rice that is best in quality and safety is imported to Singapore.

[icon type=”tag” size=”1x”] Keeping the rice fresh:

Once rice is milled from brown grain, the rice will be oxidized gradually, which takes away its best flavour. Japanese rice is not just a side with a main dish but something you enjoy with its texture and taste. That’s why the freshness of rice is so vital when you buy the Japanese rice. We import the Japanese rice in a form of brown rice directly from farmers in Niigata (the Kamo Organic Rice Growers Co-op) on a regular basis, and store it in an air conditioned warehouse. We only mill the rice when customer orders it. In this way, we guarantee only the freshest rice is served to our customers.

[icon type=”tag” size=”1x”] Sharing information for everyone to enjoy the Japanese rice:

Buying a bag of good quality Japanese rice is only half of the journey in tasting good rice, knowing how to cook this bag of rice is as equally important. Hence Momorice works with a prominent cooking school instructor, Aki Watanabe, to educate the locals on how to cook the rice properly. You may find some good tips on cooking Japanese rice on our blog series by Aki Watanabe. Also there are varieties of cooking recipes for the Japanese rice and we would love to share useful and interesting information on the rice with our customers.