Cuckoo IH Pressure 1.0L Multi Cooker CRP-HN0682FR

Cuckoo IH Pressure 1.0L Multi Cooker CRP-HN0682FR

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Product Description

Experience the best rice cookers from No.1 Korean brand – Cuckoo. This rice cooker from Cuckoo is the state of the art engineering marvel. It adapts Pressure cooking technique as well as Induction heating technology. It has the most complete sets of rice menus that all the rice lovers dream to have. And the design of the rice cooker is futuristic with a digital touch screen panel. It has stylish black color with red top lid.

  • Glutinous Rice
  • Mixed Rice
  • Mega Heat
  • Sushi Rice
  • GABA Rice
  • Black Bean
  • Nu Rung Ji
  • Nutritious Rice
  • Porridge
  • Multi Cook
  • Ferment Bread
  • Ferment
  • Baking

It features a Turbo mode which can cook the rice in a very short time.

Additional Information

Shipping Weight 7360 g


Model Number


Rice Cooker Capacity

1.0 L (5 ½ Cup)

Country of Origin



1 Year

Cooking Menu

Glutinous Rice, Mixed Rice, Mega Heat, Sushi Rice, GABA Rice, Black Bean, Nu Rung Ji, Nutritious Rice, Porridge, Multi Cook, Ferment Bread, Ferment, Baking


Measuring Cup, Spatula, Spatula holder


220-240v, 50hz with 3 pin UK plug, 1230 watts or 1370 watts

Product Dimensions

10.7cm x 20cm x 25.2cm

Inner Pot Construct

5 Layers Construct, Non Stick Coating

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