Organic Koshihikari Brown Rice
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Organic Koshihikari Brown Rice


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Brown rice is a whole grain with albumen and rice-bran. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, oils, and dietary fiber. The brown rice has a longer shelf life as its oxidation is slower than white rice. As it’s organically grown, it’s safe and healthy.

You may choose different polishing rate when purchasing brown rice from Momorice. 0% polishing rate refers to unpolished brown rice. Choosing a 50% polishing rate will result in a brown rice that has 50% of its bran peeled off. This is usually what we called embryo rice.

How to cook brown rice: Water measures approx. 1.5 – 1.7 times amount of rice. No need to wash the rice thoroughly. Stir the brown rice in water to remove rice hulls. Repeat this a few times. Soak the rice in water at least 1 hour, then cook it.


玄米の炊き方:  水は米の量の1.5-1.7倍が目安です。白米の様に研ぐ必要はありません。水を入れてくるくると回すと、もみ殻などが上がってきますので取り除いてください。最低1時間は浸水し、炊いてください。

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