Niigata Koshihikari
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Niigata Koshihikari



Product Description

Best rice ever in Singapore. Soft , fluffy, sweet and chewy! You will just want to eat more!

Niigata Koshihikari from Momorice Store grows at Niigata Plain. The Niigata Plain is nourished by Shinano River and Aganogawa River. The word Koshihikari represents ‘the hope of being brilliant in the country’.

Koshihikari rice when cooked, is not only white, but also shiny and pleasing to the eyes. Hence it is best used in Japanese sushi. Every grain of the rice is chewy, sweet and fragrant with a little bit of sticky feel. The rice tastes good even when it is served cold.

Natural nutrients from the crop field is the main reason why Niigata Koshihikari tastes so great. In Niigata, there is ample of sunshine in the summer and abundant of snowfall in the winter. Vast supply of natural nutrients flows into the crop field when the snow melts, creating an environment that is conducive for the growth of rice. Due to the presence of nutrients in the soil that are favourable to the crop, no external or additional fertilizer is necessary in the growing process of the Niigata Koshihikari rice. This minimizes the amount of starch glucose and proteins that might cause a change in the flavour of the rice.

Try out this Koshihikari rice today to understand why are Japanese so proud of this rice!

Producing Area: Niigata Prefecture (excluding Kaetsu area)

Grade: Special Grade A award in “The ranking of tasty rice” by Japan Grain Inspection Association on 2011.








また、新潟平野が培った肥よくな大地は米づくりに必要な養分を豊富にふくみ、コシヒカリを育てるのによけいな肥料を多く与える必要はありません。 こうして実った新潟産コシヒカリには、お米の味を悪化させるアミロースとタンパク質が非常に少ないことが分かっています。

大地にふくまれた天然の養分が生み出すひと粒のうま味が、新潟産コシヒカリのおいしさの原点です。さらに、新潟は夏は日照時間が長く、冬に多くの雪がふります。この雪とけ水が川となり、平野部へと向かいます。 新潟の自然とのハーモニーが新潟産コシヒカリを育みます。


等級:平成22年度 日本穀物検定協会「食味ランキング」特A認定獲得

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