Organic Koshihikari Rice
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Organic Koshihikari Rice


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This Koshihikari rice is cultivated by a group of professional farmers known as ‘Kamo Oganic growers’. The growth of the rice has been stringently supervised even from the growth of the seeds. It is the best choice of rice for those who are health conscious as no chemical fertilizer, pesticide nor fungicide are used throughout the growing process of the rice. Our farmers nurture the rice carefully using method that is most friendly to the environment to bring out the most natural taste of the rice.

This Koshihikari rice is best used in sushi making. You could even taste the plain rice on its own. You will be surprised to discover that rice grown organically has a special aroma and taste not found in ordinary Koshihikari. Try out the most premium and healthy Japanese rice that we can offer to you today!

Producing Area: KamoChūetsu RegionNiigata Prefecture.

Grade: A+ grade in ‘The Ranking of The Rice’ issued by Japan Grain Inspection Association in 2011.


新潟県加茂市を中心に有機栽培米を育てる農業団体「加茂有機米生産組合」がお届けする新潟県産コシヒカリです。種子の段階からこだわったコシヒカリ は、栽培の全過程を通して農薬、化学肥料は一切使用されていません。最も自然な味わいを引き出すために、環境に優しい手法を使用して組合の農家が大切に育 てたお米です。



等級:平成23年度 日本穀物検定協会「食味ランキング」特A獲得

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