Panasonic MICOM Fuzzy Logic IH Rice Cooker SR-JHF18
Panasonic MICOM Fuzzy Logic IH Rice Cooker SR-JHF18 SR-JHF18 main b SRJHF main c

Panasonic MICOM Fuzzy Logic IH Rice Cooker SR-JHF18

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Product Description

This is Panasonic MICOM Fuzzy Logic Induction Heating Rice Cooker SR-JHF18. This model has a big 1.8 Liter capacity and it is good for 1-10 persons meal. This is an unique cooker that is design to “Emulates the traditional Japanese method of cooking the rice”. It has 24 hours memory timer and able to keep warm the rice for continuous 12 hours. It can cook white rice, brown rice and porridge and with steaming function.

  • Diamond Fluorine coating can create 2.5 times total number of bubbles more than conventional coating to make vigorous heat circulation and evenly heating
  • Advanced Induction Heating, Rice Can Be Heated More Thoroughly
  • Thick, Dimpled Surface, Charcoal Coated, Far-Infrared Heating Inner Pan
  • Rice washable in inner pan
  • Detachable inner lid
  • Small Amount White Rice Cooking Mode (1 to 2 cups rice can be cooked deliciously as well)
  • Micom Smart Cake Baking
  • Fuzzy Logic Control For Cooking Rice, Brown Rice, Sushi, Congee (1-4 Hrs) & Casserole Rice
  • Quick Cook Function
  • Taste Catcher
  • 24-Hr Preset Timer
  • Keep Warm Up to 12 Hrs
  • Steaming Basket Included
  • Download Product Manual: Panasonic_SR-JHF18

This rice cooker come with below special functions :

Induction heating System

The magnetic coil causes the inner pan heat up to a high temperature. The Magnetic forces generate abundant heat in the pan and leads to evenly cooked and delicious rice. The Pan itself is heated to cook the rice from all direction.

SR-JFH18 a

MICOM controlled Fuzzy Logic

Micro-computered control the cooking of rice and Fuzzy logic allow the computer to determine the cooking based on different amount of rice and water. This is much more advance than the normal single heat/release logic traditional cooker. This ensure the cooker able to cook the rice nice in every time.

SR-JFH18 b

Diamond fluorine coated , charcoal (Binchotan)-finished inner pan

The pan is coated with more than a hundred million (0.05 carat) diamond fluorine minute particle which enable the pot to generate large number of bubbles to ensure heat is transmitted to every single grain while cooking. The Binchotan charcoal (备长碳) helps to break up the rice cluster and water so it is easier for heat to reach the rice. The water will become mild and each rice able to absorb more water and it is more fluffy.

This also slows down the water evaporation and prevent rice to dry under the “keep warm” mode.

SR-JFH18 c

SR-JFH18 d

Taste Catcher

Special taste catcher function will automatically detect the cooking steam temperature in the inner cooking pan while cooking to retain the heat. This result in more fluffy and delicious rice

Cake Baking Function

The rice cooker is able to use to bake a cake.

SR-JFH18 e

Additional Information

Shipping Weight 6500 g
Dimensions 425 x 310 x 280 mm


Country of Origin


Model Number


Rice Cooker Capacity

1.8 L (10 Cup)




1 Year


220-240v, 1300 W


Rice Scoop, Scoop Holder, Measuring Cup and Steam Basket

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