Shirakami Akitakomachi 5KG
Shirakami Akitakomachi 5KG JANA001_back_482_500v2 Akitakomachi_back4 Akitakomachi_back3 Akitakomachi_back2 Akitakomachi_back1

Shirakami Akitakomachi 5KG


Product Description

Another super-premium, short-grain rice similar to Koshihikari but slightly less sticky, Akitakomachi is very popular in Japan. Its grains are firm and moist. It has a neutral and faintly nutty taste. It is also an excellent choice for strong and spicy curry dishes.

Our Akitakomachi rice is cultivated at Shirakami-Sanchi which is a UNESCO WorldHeritage Site in the northern Honshū of Japan.

The Yoneshiro River flows through the north of Akita Prefecture, running upstream through Mount Hachimantai which is connected to the Shirakami Mountain. Silt deposited by the river creates a rich and fertile soil environment, when coupled with the area’s mild climate, provides a very favorable conditions for the rice to grow.

This excellent breed of rice is produced by the farmers with sweats and skills, which is inherited for generations in their blood and soul since the Edo era.

Our Shirakami Akitakomachi rice has been bestowed with the top rank (A+ grade) in the Taste Ranking of Japan Grain Inspection Association in 2011. We  hope you will fully experience the joy ingrained in the Shirakami seiryu rice.







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