Zojirushi Home Bakery Breadmaker BB-KWQ10
Zojirushi Home Bakery Breadmaker BB-KWQ10 BB-KWQ GIFT BOX-daishiOL

Zojirushi Home Bakery Breadmaker BB-KWQ10


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Product Description

The Zojirushi BB-KWQ10 Home Bakery Mini Breadmaker is an NEW amazing breadmaker from Zojirushi. It is compact and slim design.

Get this machine FRESH OUT OF OVEN!.

This breadmaker helps you to make yummy and freshly bakes cakes and bread at home with professional expertise. This bread maker bakes not only bread but also cake and fruit jams. Apart from that it is also equipped with special settings that aids in preparing dough for cookies, pizza, pasta, croissants and rolls.

This model is designed to bake only 1.1 pound loaf (Approx. 500g) and hence is suitable for personal use or a small family daily usage . It has three bread textures to pick from including regular, firm or soft and produces a nice even crust. If you always like your bread warm the zojirushi bread machine has a convenient “keep warm” feature. Many users felt this breadmaker ran quietly, even during the kneading process.

This machine kneads and bakes the bread effortlessly. Usually it takes only 2.5 hours for the bread to go on plate but you can keep it warm for long. This also has a timer function and you can programme this machine to bake the bread slowly in a delayed manner(up to 13 hours delay) so that it gets ready by the time you get back from office or when you wake up in the morning.

Product Features:

  • Removable Automatic-tray for additional Ingredients: Easy-to-add ingredients like raisins and nuts. You do not need to wait for an alert tone to add extra ingredients to the dough by your hands. Simply put the extra ingredients in the Auto-Dispenser before starting the baking process. The ingredients are added automatically during the kneading process.
  • Wide selection of 15 courses:
  • Basic Bread courses: Regular, Firm, Soft, Quick Baking, bread with Cooked rice, Rice flour, wheat flour(using Natural Yeast)
  • 5 Dough courses: Bread/Pizza, Noodles, Pasta, Dumpling wrappers, Cookies.
  • 2 sweets courses: Cake and Jam
  • Natural Yeast Activation function.
  • Natural Yeast Course: Special kind of rich flavored taste. Natural yeast from Hoshino (you may get it from our shop as well) is recommended. Please refer to this page for more information about proofing active Natural Yeast.
  • Includes colorful recipe book with 50 Delicious Recipes; instructional DVD provided.
  • Three bread textures to choose from : Regular, Firm or Soft ※ When dry yeast and bread flour are used
  • Bread with cooked Rice Course; Now you can make bread from surplus cooked rice!
  • Rice Flour Course; Elastic texture
  • Compact built with strong handle for easy carry and handling.
  • Can prepare up to 500 gram of bread/cake. Ideal for small house hold daily enjoy without wastage.
  • None stick kneading blade ensures thorough mixing of ingredients.
  • Texture settings make regular, firm or soft crust breads.
  • Programmable timer can be set up to 13 hours in advance.
  • Bright LCD control panel offers simple, one-touch controls.
  • Viewing window allow you to see the process of the baking.
  • Carrying handle and cool-touch exterior lend convenience.
  • Quick baking course that make bread in 2.5 hours.
  • Crust control program for choose standard crust or light crust
Zojirushi BB-KWQ10 Manual BB-KWQ10 Recipes Book

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If you are looking for a specific gluten free menu, this machines does not have it. However there are recipes provided by the machine that could bake gluten free bread

Easy to use :


Sturdy Handle for easy carrying


User Friendly control panel

Pre-Porgrammed Baking Options:


Jam – Don’t sweat over the stove stirring the pot; the Home Bakery will do it for you automatically. Enjoy preservatives and additive free jam all year round.


Cake – No need to get out the whisk or mixers; the Home Bakery will mix the ingredients AND automatically bake the cake for you.


Dough – Prepares dough for you to shape and bake in the oven. Enjoy fun recipes such as pizza, bagels, brioche, pretzels, doughnuts and cinnamon rolls.

Tips to a perfect home baked bread

Use fresh ingredients – Quality of the finished bread will depend on the ingredients used. Avoid mixing in old and stale ingredient.






Attach Kneading Blade – The kneading blade is an essential part of the bread maker. Always make sure the blade is properly attached.


Measure Ingredients – Measure ingredients accurately. The more accurate the measurements are, the better the finished bread will be. Rough measurement will result in a rough bread.

Add Ingredients in Order – There are compatibilities among ingredients too. Thru trials and errors, we found the right order for adding the ingredients. Please follow the recipe and add them in order. this is to ensure the bread comes out the way you want.


Additional Information

Shipping Weight 6700 g


Country of Origin



500G of Bread Baking

Product Dimensions

210 x 285 x 310 mm ; 5.8KG


AC 220-230V, 50/60Hz


Demo DVD, Measurement cup, spoon

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